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As a Black woman educator, Ubuntu's philosophy inspires my research and teaching practices: “I am because we are,” in Palenquera language "Suto Sendá Numano" (we all are brothers).  I effort to link my academic practice with social realities and student's interests by starting from our own life experiences—research and teaching practices conducive to critical thinking. My teaching pays close attention to the experiences and voices of marginalized groups. It is explicitly crafted to promote critical reflections via discussion, writing, and fostering students' works with communities. Between 2010 and 2011, I worked on several projects centered on education learning. I joined a teachers' team responsible for constructing and implementing a comprehension reading program developed for preventing first years-students with difficulties in reading comprehension would be forced to drop out of their program.


At UMASS Amherst, I strengthened my knowledge by participating in theoretical discussions that I integrated into my teaching and research practices. I served as a Teaching Assistant in the following courses:

  •  Inequality and Oppression with Dr. Milena Marquessi;

  • Language, Culture, and Communication with Dr. Jonathan Rosa;

  • Contemporary Issues in Native America: Focus on the Northeast with Dr. Sonya Atalay;

  • Human Ecology with Dr. Ventura Pérez;  

  • Ancient Civilization with Dr. Michael Sugerman;

  • Introduction to Anthropology Field  with Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste;

  • Culture through Film with Dr. Jacqueline Urla; and several sections of 

  • Archaeology and Prehistory with Dr. Michael Sugerman and with Dr. Kate Kirakoshian.

 My teaching experience is nourished by the activism and collaborative learning that bring Black women's intellectual contributions. I would be passionate about having the opportunity about teaching in the areas of: 

  • Black and Decolonial feminism theories

  • Gender, race, sexuality and ethnicity

  • Violence, Peace and transitional justice

  • Extractivism, environmental politics and resistance in Latin America

  • Social inequalities, violence and forced migration 

  • Ethnographic methods

  • Racism, Inequality and Power in Latin America

  • Ethnic-racial Social movements in Latin America 


Between 2019 and 2021, I gave occasional guest lectures on the subjects of Black women's struggles and extractivism and Afrodescedant people, race, and ethnicity.  I have recently presented guest lectures to Contemporary Latin American Politics and Cátedra del Caribe Colombiano courses at the Norte University. Moreover, a guest lecture to the graduate course (M.A.) titled Voices of Resistance: Power, Diversity, and Justice at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.

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