Castriela Hernández-Reyes

Castriela Hernández-Reyes, is a Palenquera woman who was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. I am a mother, intellectual, scholar, and doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. As a Black/Decolonial feminist anthropologist from South America, I use ethnography and ethnohistory as qualitative methods to comprehend how interlocking systems of power, oppression, and exclusion operate and intersect in war contexts are tied to unbroken colonial patterns of racism in Colombia. My published research articles appear in Latin American Perspectives and Latin American Research Review -LARR  Journals.


Through collaborative and multi-sited ethnographic research, my dissertation explores how Black women's, officials', and former combatants' voices and lived experiences co-constructed race, gender, body, class, and racism in the framework of the Colombian armed conflict and transitional justice. My research interests revolve around Intersectionality of race, gender, and class; the intersections between armed violence, peacebuilding, and racism in Colombia; race and gender in the political economy of war; extractivism and racial capitalism in Latin America; Black /Decolonial feminism theories; critical race theory; Truth and memory in times of transitional justice; gender violence and feminist activisms; state power and colonialism; whiteness and whitening; ethno-racial movements; ethnographic methods; race, ethnicity and Development; Dispossession and forced migration; and political anthropology.


I have engaged with Black women's activism and anti-racist struggles in Colombia and Latin America. I am a co-founder and current President of the Asociacion Colombiana de Investigadoras e Investigadores Afros - ACIAFRO  (Colombian Association of Afro descendant Researchers -ACIAFRO) and member of the Black women collective Trenzado de Mujeres Cimarronas.